We are experts in many diverse styles of wall applications, and enjoy brainstorming with our customers to design a new look for their home. We encourage you to express your individualism through the colors and techniques applied to your home.

Take a look at some of the services we provide:

*Pressure Wash (doing this once a year preserves your paint and makes it look fresh and clean again)

*Interior and exterior painting

*Solid colors

*Drywall repairs

*Wood staining & varnishing


Whether you decide on an all over stencil (like in the picture), or a partial one (a border, maybe some grapevines on the corners?), stencils are a great way to decorate a space with a very artistic touch. It also has the perk that it can be removed with something as easy as a little bit of sanding and a coat of paint. There are many different patterns for stencils out there, but our favorite manufacturers are              

They have many fun styles to choose from.

Even some you can do in three dimensions with plaster!!


Different paints and plasters can be molded into various shapes. Add this to the assortment of modern and classic tools available (and a few tricks of the trade) , and what you get are limitless combinations of textures that can be finished with a wide variety of colors and shades.




*Woodgraining (it looks like wood!!)

Woodgraining is a very creative technique that allows the artist to imitate the natural beauty of wood on any surface. We can make your garage door look like wood without sacrificing its mobility. Or we can woodgrain your steel front door so you don’t sacrifice safety for decor.





*Marbleizing (it looks like marble!)

For centuries, decorative painting artists all over the world have used this faux effect to create a stunning imitation of this luxurious looking stone. This is something that can be done to almost any surface, be it a wall, columns, furniture, trim, running boards, door panels, etc…




*Venetian Plaster (Its REALLY made of REAL marble!)


This ancient technique as been amazing people since the 15th century. Venetian plaster, or Stucco Veneziano is a paste made with real pulverized marble, and unlike any other paint, it’s applied with a trowel as opposed to a brush.


The process includes two full coats of the plaster and a third coat to embellish, called lustro, that is then polished by hand to bring out the detail and shine characteristic of this luxurious finish. When applied correctly, it looks like your walls were covered with real marble, and is without doubt one of the most impressive techniques you can choose to decorate your house.





* Ragging and sponging

These are techniques applied with rags or sponges, and are great to add some color to a room without it being overwhelming. For example, the picture on the left has some orange and green sponged onto a yellow base, to better match the cushion seats in this child room.





If it can be done with a brush, we can do it! Call us to schedule a free consultation, and we will find the design that suits your personality and lifestyle the best!